The Brand


KochHouse was birthed to establish a sense of belonging for the everyday man. We desire to give the common man a taste of royalty, kingship, and prestige. Ever wondered what it felt like to come from royalty, to live just like a king? Or have you ever thought of being the eye candy of that event? KochHouse was created for these to be the reality of our KINGS as we call them.

The journey started on the 26th of August 2012 to become the one-stop fashion house for men who wanted a taste of royalty, the style enthusiasts, elites, who wanted more off their bespoke suits and native outfits. The greatest desire we had was, all men who called on us for their custom made suits, handmade shoes  and accessories become kings who rule their worlds.

We understand that fashion does not stop at being “crazy” or “feisty” rather it begins at the combination of simplicity and uniqueness. With being simple but royal as our daily mantra, we have been able to incorporate this through our carefully sought out designs.

Every detail on our clothing, down to the symbolic representation on our logo all have one common defining statement and that is “we live and breathe royalty”.

We create excellence, precision, and class which does not stop with our suits, every single bit of perfection splattered on our English outfits is repeated on our African native wears. These outfits include Agbada, Isiagu, Etibo, Danshiki, all these and more just to show that royalty is never limited. We also decided to fit the mantra in our handmade loafers and accessories as great shoes and stylish accessories make up a complete outfit.


Why Choose Us?

In the fashion world, we help you sieve out the noise and enthrone you with clothes made and meant for Kings only. We create a balance between simplicity and status. Through our perfect color collections and unique fabrics, we help you rule your world as you wish to.

Brand Vision

Our vision is taking KochHouse all over the world, to show men that in their ordinary lives they can live an extraordinary life through their clothing. Also, we wish to create a trail of kings during weddings all over the world.